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Digital Solutions

Embrace the future confidently with Rand Instruments Africa, your digital transformation partner.

Equipment Reliability

Integration of new controls to increase the reliability of existing equipment.

Labor Cost Reduction

Efficient technology requiring lower skill levels, reducing labor cost

Intuitive Operation

Custom designs for the human-machine interface, enhancing equipment operation

Global Shipping Network

Responsive Transportation Partners

Sea freight imports and exports play a crucial role in global trade, facilitating the movement of goods between countries and continents. They are particularly well-suited for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances at a relatively lower cost compared to other modes of transportation.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

A FCL contains a shipment in a single container for one consignee. If the weight, dimensions and commodity are in line with the required specs for a Full container, we can reduce your landed costs and consolidate in your own container on your behalf.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

A LCL shipment refers to any cargo which is less than a full container load and typically forms a part of a consolidated container with other importers. As different cargo is grouped into one container, LCL shipments are recommended for customers with smaller import or export volumes. Should you not have enough cargo to for an FCL this offers you the freedom to import smaller volumes at better landed costs.

Groupages and Consolidations

Consolidations refers to shipments where one consignee imports cargo from multiple suppliers in a similar location, intended for the same destination. Nungufreight can offer a consolidation into one full container load at any origin worldwide.

Cross Trade – Air and Sea

This enables a shipment to move between two countries without having to pass through your country of residence. Reducing costs for your end user. Ask us to assist!

Air Freight Imports & Exports

The direct or indirect air freight services allow for frequent, reliable services at competitive rates. We can provide time-sensitive deliveries as well as ‘same day collection and delivery’ (where available). In line with our client-centric approach, we carefully assess the cost differential between airfreight and courier services to ensure customer’s cost and delivery requirements are met.

Through our expert network of partners worldwide, we offer airfreight services, direct with the airlines relevant for the specific country.

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