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Seamless Customs Clearances

Navigate Regulations with Confidence

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure to control and permit the movement of goods into and out of a country. The customs laws and regulations for each country differ and are constantly changing. Nungufreight combines over 40 years customs knowledge and tariff so you can be rest assured that our knowledgeable customs staff can assist you to avoid penalties and delays for non-compliance

Empowering Your Business

Compliance with customs requirements mitigates legal risks and preserves the reputation of businesses. Additionally, it enhances supply chain visibility, enabling better inventory management and customer service.

Simplifying Customs Procedures

By streamlining the import and export process, customs clearance promotes economic growth, encourages foreign investment, and expands market access for businesses worldwide. Ultimately, it’s the cornerstone of international commerce, driving prosperity and connectivity across borders.

Tariff determinations and clarifications done in partnership with our customers, the International Trade Administration Commission of SA (ITAC) and the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

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